Actually wanted to say Gloryowski, but that wasn't a movie title. Another exciting day in the desert! This morning I decided to run down to the corner Walmart (110 miles!). Turns out there's one in Yuma, Havasu City, and Phoenix. The lady at The Mailing Outpost where I get my mail and hook up to the internet said they were all about 85 miles and the trip to Phoenix was the easiest. Since I've already been on 95 to Yuma, I decided to try Phoenix. Turns out it was actually 110 miles, but the speed limit is 75 on I-10 here, so I made it in just under an hour ... hoho ... actually about 1.2 hours at 83 mph (the actual allowed limit ... lol). Why would I drive so far to hit a Walmart? ... well, read on.

The bad news is that my silly Polariod One-Step stopped working yesterday. Well, I'd just about had it with that stupid little camera anyway -- the film costs $12 for 10 shots, of which you usually screw up about 2 in each roll -- in my case, it was actually running about 6 bad and 6 not-quite-so-bad out of each roll. Anyway, that figures out to at least $1.50 per picture. That's why you've seen so few pictures in here -- 'cause I'm on a budget and had to make every shot count. Well, I sat down and figured out that if I could get a refund on the One-Step and the 1 1/2 rolls of film I had, that would go a long way to paying for a digital camera and I'd never have to buy film again!

The further bad news is that I got the Walmart and was told they couldn't take it back because it had been more than 90 days and that I'd have to return it to the manufacturer. Well, anyone who knows me knows how I love to take no for an answer from some clerk who's stuck in a set of rules and isn't empowered to do what should be done. I went outside and got on the payphone to the Polaroid toll-free service number. I explained the situation and how I'd already purchased a $200 digital camera and sure didn't want the One-Step repaired.

Now the good news -- the lady said Walmart should have no problem returning it as defective merchandise and she gave me her name. Well, to make a long story a little shorter, the lady at the refunds counter first said they couldn't -- I gave her the 800 number and the lady's name at Polaroid -- she went in the "back room", presumably to talk to her boss -- came back and said they could only exchange it for the same kind of camera -- I told her I didn't want another one of the "piece of crap" cameras -- she went back in the back room -- came back and said they could exchange for a different type of camera -- I whipped out my digital camera receipt and got back full price for the One-Step and 2 rolls of film -- total: $56. Since the digital cost $179, I figure I'm ahead as soon as I take 80 pictures. If I can get a refund on the scanner, which I probably no longer need, that cuts it even further ... and I never have to buy film again ... woohoo!

Well, you ask, why were you so bent on getting a camera in a hurry? Well, as anyone knows, the parade and camel races are tomorrow, January 8th, and I certainly wouldn't want to be without camera for that! Now, while you're breathlessly waiting for the camel pictures, tell me -- isn't the picture below better than those I took earlier with the One-Step?
Can you finally see the yellow Caution tape? No, well then click on it to get a larger view.

Now can you see the Caution tape? No? Well, then scroll down.
10. Glory!
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Still can't see the Caution tape? Check out the photo below.
Hoho! Just enjoying my new camera. Just realized, I left the distance setting on infinity for this shot -- may try one later with setting on close-up and see if any difference. Going to go reward myself with some of those great Betty Crocker just-add-water pancakes (thanks to L in Albuquerque for introducing me to them) and get ready for the big Q weekend. Look for Chapter 11 about Tuesday, January 11th, 2000.
I want to go choose a different chapter