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My Travel Log

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87. Reunion and Road Trip
Just finished our first road trip of 2009. Joyce actually survived in the RV for two weeks plus a day!

Plan was to go up to the mountains in the Mentone (Alabama) area, with the thought of looking for a summer place and something that might be usable as an art gallery. We found a nice place, but are still mulling over all the pros and cons.

On the way to Mentone, we stopped in Tallahassee to celebrate the 50th reunion of the Leon High School graduating class of 1959. We then wandered up to Guntersville to check up on some things and visit family. Then on over to Mentone and eventually back home. Good trip, despite having the RV A/C screw up about the time we left Guntersville, a blowout North of Macon, and another blowout outside of Jacksonville. As they say, that's RVing! Plan is to take the RV in next week and get about 6 things fixed.

Each time I write a chapter here, I first go back and review the previous chapter. When I did so, I was reminded that I talked about cousin Bruce over there. That reminded me that I should probably say something about his current adventure - checking out St. Lucia as a potential retirement location. More on that below.


I'm going to start off with some yards photos and dog photos that I find really neat, but you may not. Feel free to skip over these if you like.
Friday night, a barn dance with old friends, this one with a reminder of our Dixie Drag-uns car club.
Just some shots of our back yard. Click photo to see enlarged panorama of the entire yard.
Our doggies, none in their "prescribed" location. Tobi on top of Joyce's shopping bags, Mogi in that cute pink bed Joyce bought for Tinker, and Tinker on "Tobi's pillow."
Saw this RV on TV, made from a Studebaker identical to my first car.
Most of us did our share of dancing and celebrating.
At the high school Saturday morning for breakfast, memorial service, and a tour
Saturday night gathering at the lodge at beautiful Wakulla Springs.
Closeup of the Star Jasmine trellis, which was in full bloom
This last group of photos is a brief summary of the website that I've built for my cousin, Bruce Smith, to document his exploration of St. Lucia as a potential retirement location. CLICK HERE to read more about "Travels & Commentary of Ricochet Smith."  CLICK ANY PHOTO FOR LARGER VIEW
50th Reunion! Just a few photos below, but you can find a full load of photos and explanation on Leon1959.com.
Visiting family in Guntersville.
Camping at Deer Run RV Park in Troy, AL on our way up US 231.
At Georgia Mountain RV Park in Guntersville. Almost alone in the newest section being built.
One of the smallest family members, sister-in-law Linda's monkey, Gabriel.
Not sure who else wants their photo online, so just including my son Ronnie, who I'm sure won't mind.
Finally, our visit to Mentone, Alabama. If you've never visited there, I recommend it. Many things to see and visit, and don't miss the great food at the Wildflower Cafe and Country Store. As it turns out, we spent almost all of our time looking at various properties, so didn't get any photos of Desoto Falls or Little River Canyon or any of the other many local tourist attractions. Below are some of the photos that we did get.
... this closeup of a donkey's eye, which she worked very hard to get ...
... and really rustic cabins like this one ...
Photos of animals, like this very wooly sheep (wooly bully?) ...
We checked out neat log houses in Mentone ...
.. including rustic cabins like this one ...
Showing the bloom.
And last, but certainly not least, the rare carnivorous Green Pitcher Plant.
Photos of scenery, like this lake at Serenity Campground, full of bass and other fish, so I'm told.
.. with rustic yard decorations.
Joyce got photos of rusty stuff she could paint, like this at Sequoyah Caverns campground.
... and this Peacock that screamed all night, which we thought might be a Sasquatch holler.
... and strange ones like this cow with what looked like a wide white belt ...
(ADDON: I'm told they're known as an "Oreo Cow" or "Belted Galloway.")
View from the back porch ... could you retire here?
View of the inside of the place he's renting at $30 a day ... more inside photos on the website.
Where in the world is St. Lucia? Click photo for more detail.