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Got these from a friend, so decided to start collecting them.
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The Amigone family operates several funeral homes in and around Buffalo, New York.

Photo courtesy of Carmen S. Garrison.
Freezing Over?

Photographed in Hell, Michigan.
Are We Supposed to Choose?

Took this one myself, just outside of Ft. Pierce, Florida. Have no idea what it means.
A Good Deal?

Roanoke, Virginia, The Babies & Children Store.
Everything you need for your "shotgun" wedding!

Located in Windsor, Maine. Hussey's slogan is, "If we don't have it, you don't need it."

Thanks to Jess, a proud resident of Windsor.
Let's go. We'll have a ball!

Based on a web search, Testicle Festivals seem to be most popular in Montana.

This photo was taken by Rob Strain near Omaha, Nebraska.
How do you get there from here?

Peekskill, New York. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Requa.
I don't think I saw that one.
California Sense of Humor

Hermosa Beach, California. Photo by Christoph.
A Little Extreme?
Cheap Overnight?
If you say so!

In Independence, Missouri.
Major dilemma in California.

Your choices are College of the Siskiyous or "downtown" Weed.
Caution: Crocodile Eating Handicapped Man at Bottom of Hill?

At a St. Lucia, South Africa crocodile farm.
Clean Humor?

There are five Balfurd Cleaners locations in Pennsylvania.
What part of ONLY don't they understand?

In Kansas City, Missouri.
Photo courtesy of Bud Turner.
Leave your soul at the front gate, please.

Near New Hartford, Connecticut.
Going Postal?

In Phoenix, Arizona.

Repeat that please?
No "Keep Off the Grass" signs here!

In Kansasville, Wisconsin. Named for Maj Richard I. Bong, Ace Pilot of WWII, who gave his life for his country.
Of all the names to pick...

Bung History : Note that a bunghole is the hole in a cask, keg, or barrel through which liquid is poured in or drained out.
Pork, the one you love?

This was a Sask Pork (The Saskatchewan
Pork Industry) ad campaign in Canada.
Enough Said?
We is educated ...

Their alma mater?
An interesting turn ...
Tough Decision?
In case Batman is lost?
Sounds dern tasty ... must be an old sign tho', with that price on gas ...
Hope it's not too urgent ...
A hard place to get into ...
No excuse for anyone being unemployed ...
Hygiene is important ...
Just follow the signs ...
The road that should not be taken ...
Oops .. not a secret anymore!
Such insight!
How Cold?

London area automobile air conditioning business.
Small print says sign was at
Kennedy Space Center