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NOTE: This site map was constructed early in the development of this website and doesn't include some of the more recent enhancements. It's being left here mostly for nostalgic reasons.
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9/23/99: Initiated site development
9/25/99: Completed basic pages with a few links to existing pages; Operational links in Travel area to "Gobs of RV Info", in Travel:What We've Learned Since to "More on Camping Clubs" (#7 below), and in Boomers area to "Links for Boomers"
9/26/99: Added more links on Boomers page -- one specifically aimed at "Working While Wandering" page for those who want to earn while they camp and one to the beginnings of my "Ways to Retire Early" page (#8 below). Also initiated "My Travel Log" (#1 below).
10/1/99: Built my Iceberg logo and added it to all pages -- click on it!
10/3/99: Added the Site Map below; Completed info on overlooked costs and free camping (#7); Completed #10.
10/20/99: Wow! Long time lapse! Have done a little polishing here and there the last few weeks. Today completed chapter 1 of my book, as identified in #5 below.
10/26/99: By popular demand, I jumped into #4. See Site Map below to go directly to it.
11/9/99: Filled in #2 and #3. Site Map takes you directly there.
11/22/99: Really got into the Travel Log (#1) -- 15+ chapters finished by February 2000 and more coming!
2/5/00: Put my valuable (?) opinions in #6.
7/1/00: More added in last 5 months -- look on main page for these and future additions, or get on the mailing list -- enuf with this site map.

Plan to implement remaining options in the following order:
1-ONGOING-RetireCurrent: A living log of my travels, updated weekly when I'm travelling and can get online
2-DONE-RetireInvestOnline: My favorite investment sites, ratings from others, online trading, watching your money
3-DONE-RetireInvestTravel: Investing online when travelling, TV alternatives, free phone alternatives
4-DONE-RetireOnlineTravel: Ways to get on the Information Highway While You're on the Highway
5-DONE-Retire1000: 50+ page book describing various types of RVs, first RV experience, budget for living on road for $1000/month
6-DONE-Retire1000Clubs: My opinions on camping clubs shown, my final choice(s), pros and cons
7-DONE-Retire1000Forgot: Costs overlooked in Retire1000 book, more camping clubs, free/cheap camping
8-DONE-RetireEarly: Ideas on early retirement including living on the road, on a boat, and in a (cheaper) foreign country
9-THINKING-RetireBoomLearned: Discoveries of an old guy; what to expect after 40, after 50, after 60
10-DONE-RetireHowMuch: My thoughts on what it takes to retire; links to the thoughts of others; inputs from site visitors
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