Why an Iceberg?
Why an Iceberg? Because as I got into this site, I realized I was just presenting the "Tip of the Iceberg" on many of the topics. Hence the "logo". Hey! If you want to see the NEATEST ICEBERG PICTURE EVER, click the picture to the right! --------->>>>>

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I started building this website with the intent that I'd present some useful information (i.e., tips) on retirement, RV travel, investing, and getting online. As a secondary goal, I planned to try to find related links that could provide complementary information. While surfing the web looking for links, I got several surprises! I've been working with computers for over 30 years and have been repeatedly amazed by what can be done with computers. In recent years, I've had the same reaction to the internet -- constant amazement! Every time I think I've got it pretty well scoped out, I find another mound of information on some new topic. That's exactly what happened again!
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First it was the boomers-related topics. A little searching and I discovered there were several sites presenting precisely what I had planned to address. So I decided to accentuate the links and consider the additional info that I had to offer as the secondary goal. Well, further surfing disclosed that this is the case for almost every topic I planned to address!

Bottom line -- what you'll find on my website is just the tip of the iceberg! What you'll find here is some basic high-level info on a topic, maybe a summary of what's available, my opinions based upon my experience, and lots of links to related websites.

If I can add a little new info to what's already been said, point you to the best sites on the topic(s), and maybe contribute a small degree of organization to the complex heap of data, I'll be satisfied. If you give me one "Wow, I didn't know that!" or "hmmm ... you might be right about that", I'll feel that the time spent on this website is worthwhile. I'll be looking forward to your comments in my GuestBook!
Nothing in this site is copyrighted -- I'd be honored if you'd reuse anything you find here for your website
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The Story Behind the Photos Behind the Iceberg

A couple of years after I built this website, I discovered the process for creating animated GIF graphics. I then decided to pzazz-up my iceberg with a photo for each of the four website areas: Retire, Travel, Invest, and Get Online. Click each below to read the background of the photo.
This was my home in the desert for 4 months after I retired in 1999. Read all about it in my Travel Log Chapters 1-14.
While traveling from I-75 to Florida Turnpike, I noticed some really neat billboards.. Read all about it in my Billboards page.
A little humor - this "investment" is a casino in Tunica, MS. Read Travel Log Chapter 48. "How I Spent My Easter Vacation".
RVing is much more enjoyable for me if I can get online. Here I sit playing or working online with free WiFi at the Tuckaleechee Campground in Townsend, Tennessee.
Check it Out! The Best Iceberg Picture Ever!
Check it Out! The Best Iceberg Picture Ever!