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Aliens To Vegas  by Robert Hoffman and Virgil Allen WulffPAPERBACK BOOK and EBOOK

The Da Vinci Code  by Dan BrownHARDBACK BOOK and EBOOK
False Signals by Holly HoffmanEBOOK
Cassadaga  by Virgil Allen WulffPAPERBACK BOOK
Death-Pact Reunion  by Virgil Allen WulffPAPERBACK BOOK

Merchants of Immortality  by Stephen S. Hall      PAPERBACK BOOK
Deadlihood by Virgil Allen WulffEBOOK
Immortality Seekers by Virgil Allen WulffEBOOK
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This library is a spin-off from my Retirement Tips and RV Stuff Library. It's a collection of books, mostly mysteries, by some of my favorite authors. I've named the library after an old friend, who is coincidentally the author of several of the books included here. Click any of the book covers for detailed descriptions and purchase information.

Hope you find something here that you might be interested in reading .... Bob Hoffman

NOTE : The first, Aliens To Vegas, was published after this library was initially created. It's first because it's the only one that's co-authored by Wulff and Hoffman.
To Search the Amazon book list, click the button on the right. A Search for "RV" yields over 320 books. I've included a few of the most popular ones with which I'm familiar in the list below (labelled PAPERBACK BOOK).
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Cassadaga  by Virgil Allen Wulff      PAPERBACK BOOK

Cassadaga is Virgil Wulff's first published work and remains one of the classics in the metaphysical mystery genre. As the mystery unfolds, the reader is exposed to the complex world of mediums and psychics, initiated by a visit to Cassadaga and ultimately returning to the scene of the ominous prophesy.

"Everything was fine for Harry and Leana Warren until their stop in the small, spiritualist town of Cassadaga, Florida. Shortly after an alarming (and alarmingly accurate) psychic reading there, Leana disappears and Harry's life rapidly becomes one of mystery and suspense. Virgil Allen Wulff of Tampa spins a tale of true love, action and intrigue in his novel with the same name as the psychic center, Cassadaga." (St. Petersburg Times Review)

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Death-Pact Reunion  by Virgil Allen Wulff      PAPERBACK BOOK

Another great mystery by Wulff, in which he demonstrates the phenomenon of post-death endurance "as we evolve into the Age of Consciousness, a time when energies of mind readily function with or without the physical body."

The story is about one mind who sequentially resides inside three human forms. He was born Allen Weston, then became Albert Williams, and finally, Mark Slater--all having incredible metaphysical gifts. It covers such strange phenomena as: Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), Out-Of-Body Experiences (OBEs), Bodily (and Demon) Possessions, Heaven Imageries, After-Death Livelihood, and Lucid-Dream Visualizations.

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Deadlihood  by Virgil Allen Wulff      EBOOK

This is Wulff's third book and possibly his best yet. Suggest you pay the $10 and judge for yourself.

In Deadlihood, Wulff includes descriptions of some brain-altering techniques to such a level of detail that he may convince you that they're more than figments of his imagination. His writing style uses a Ludlum-like approach that initiates multiple story lines which eventually merge, includes a "family history" that provides an intriguing trace of several generations of the main character's lineage, and wraps it all into a spell-binding adventure into the metaphysical and paranormal. His meticulous attention to detail will have you believing that he's been there and done that as he leads you from the slums of Chicago to the sun-drenched Cayman Islands. An important aspect of the story is how it predicts and technically describes the attainment of human immortality. 
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Merchants of Immortality  by Stephen S. Hall      PAPERBACK BOOK

Excerpt of Review from Publishers Weekly : "Drawing on scores of original interviews and contemporary source material, Hall, a contributing writer and editor at the New York Times Magazine (Invisible Frontiers: The Race to Synthesize a Human Gene), gives a timely and engrossing account of the high-stakes science of life extension. Among Hall's conclusions: distrust of science is the subtext of the debate over embryonic stem cells and research cloning, and regenerative medicine is inevitably yoked to health-care limitations in access, affordability, timeliness and, Hall writes, "simply, good medicine." He says the notion of "victory over mortality" is a canard, but we may be able to slow the aging process. This is top-drawer journalism."

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The Quest for Immortality

According to a recent issue of Time Magazine, a large number of Baby Boomers appear to be pre-occupied with the concept of immortality -- or at least with the extending of human life. Below are two books treating the subject : the first by Stephen S. Hall is a documentary of the actual, while the second by Virgil Allen Wulff is a prediction of the possible. We suggest you read both to get a perspective on what is and what might be.

Mysteries have always been my favorite type of book to really settle into. When I read a mystery, I get so involved that it's almost like watching a movie. Below are some great mystery novels.
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The Da Vinci Code  by Dan Brown      HARDBACK BOOK

With The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown masterfully concocts an intelligent and lucid thriller that marries the gusto of an international murder mystery with a collection of fascinating esoteria culled from 2,000 years of Western history.

A murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum reveals a sinister plot to uncover a secret that has been protected by a clandestine society since the days of Christ. The victim is a high-ranking agent of this ancient society who, in the moments before his death, manages to leave gruesome clues at the scene that only his granddaughter, noted cryptographer Sophie Neveu, and Robert Langdon, a famed symbologist, can untangle. The duo become both suspects and detectives searching for not only Neveu's grandfather's murderer but also the stunning secret of the ages he was charged to protect.

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False Signals  by Holly Hoffman      EBOOK

In False Signals, Holly Hoffman weaves a web of intrigue that keeps the reader on the edge of their ebook keyboard. As the nature of the conspiracy at the International Banking Corporation becomes clearer, it also become painfully obvious that the road to foiling the diabolical plot is littered with murder and mayhem.

Holly's characters emerge and change with startling rapidity as the mystery unfolds, until we ultimately see Susan Montgomery blossoming as the unlikely heroine. As she evolves from a flirtatious floozy to a force to be reckoned with, she leads the team of amateur sleuths as they slowly, but surely, break down the wall of Government treachery protecting the entire false signal scheme.
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Immortality Seekers  by Virgil Allen Wulff      EBOOK

Wulff's fourth book is the sequel to Deadlihood and also sells for $10. Buy both for a package price of $17.

If you've already read Deadlihood, you're probably like many of the readers, thinking "What if ...?" What if someone commercialized this process? What if it fell into the wrong hands? What if one could find a method for circumventing the obvious legal and ethical issues, then how many millions of dollars could be realized? What if there was a super-powerful society, above the law, independent of any government control, with the financial resources necessary to implement this costly, diabolical process?

Enter Brandenburg Group, a society of super-wealthy, super-powerful members who were willing to do whatever was required to achieve immortality. Watch closely as the scheme is hatched, evolved, and ultimately threatened with exposure in the Immortality Seekers.

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Aliens To Vegas  by Robert Hoffman and Virgil Allen Wulff      HARDBACK BOOK or EBOOK

Aliens To Vegas (A2V) is definitely Science Fiction, since it involves non-terrestial aliens. It's also an RV adventure, as it describes an RV trip that Hoffman and Wulff took from Florida's Space Coast to Las Vegas. Finally, it's a plan for saving earthlings from themselves - the alien projects, the product of Wulff's life-long observations and his vivid imagination, are realistic recommendations for solving what Wulff considers some of our planet's major problems. If implemented, we might actually avoid destroying our world and ourselves.

Whether you're an RV fan, a Sci-Fi fan, or a Doomsday believer, you'll find this novel both entertaining and thought-provoking. Click the book for more detail, plus purchase information.