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Issue 2007.11         Nov 2007
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What about time travel? See my latest Blentry (blog entry) mentioned below in LATEST SITE UPDATES.

Other possibilities - Just a title to get your interest. I've got a looong list of neat websites that I've picked up over the last few months, some of which relate to RVing or retirement and some which are just plain interesting or entertaining. I'm going to present them to you in no particular order.

I got an email telling me that it's almost time for "do not call" renewal, since 2003 signups expire in June 2008. Seems there's a bill in congress to make it permanent. Go to to read about it. My question here is who wouldn't want it permanent? Is there really anyone that wouldn’t want to be on that list? Can you believe that companies pay millions to access the list, so they know who to not call, or they pay millions in penalties if they do call listees. Sounds to me like someone is making a bunch off of those bothersome phone-calling companies. I wonder how they stay in business. Someone, somewhere must actually listen to them now and then and buy something. It's just like email spam - if nobody ever answered or purchased anything, they'd eventually stop.

Here's an RV-related one - a really neat futuristic trailer is shown and discussed on website

This one is just an amazing one - you can see minute-by-minute updates of terror-related incidents at I guess it's accurate .. certainly looks like it. Just amazing that they keep it updated and how many there are!

Here's a really neat one - tires that don't require air and never go flat! Several websites talk about TWEELS:,, and . I hope they someday get these for RVs - I'm so tired of worrying about my tires when I travel.

And now, a warning of troubles ahead for Social Security - on October 1st, the first baby boomer to apply for retirement benefits She was born January 1, 1946 and so qualifies to start drawing payments at age 62 on 1/1/2008. And that's just the start! Read the article and start worrying!

These last two are just some really funny online jokes. The first is a political joke  that makes fun of Hilary, Bush, Cheney, and a few others. I just checked the link and the movie is gone! hmmm ... wonder which of them stifled it?

And here's a GREAT EMAIL - if you've ever gotten aggravated by friends that send you those corny emails, demanding that you send them to 15 friends or whatever: check

September/October Travel: Went to Huntsville, camped at Alabama Space and Rocket Center for 3 weeks, came back to Florida, visited several campgrounds to talk about WiFi, didn't take any photos. (CORRECTION:  I TOOK PHOTOS - SEE CHAPTER 83 - ALMOST AUTUMN IN ALABAMA) Had two blowouts going up I-95 at the start of all this (boo), but had two spare tires (yay). Other than that, no RV problems, except the windshield that cracked and had to be replaced at the end of the last trip. Ain't it great that the insurance pays completely for windshields? Great, unless my rates go up :(

Upcoming Travel: Joyce and I are planning a short trip to Disneyworld sometime between now and the end of 2007. If so, I'll certainly have some photos and a new chapter in the travel log for that.

Read on for notes on my latest site updates, some words about how I'd make some money if you guys would buy something off the website, IOTR News, Art News, and wrapping up with my Ramblings on whatever occurs to me between now and then.

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- Chapter 83: Almost Autumn in Alabama: Just some observations from my Huntsville visit in September - October.

- Added article "Are We All Time-Travelers?" in my Blog, as mentioned above in the intro.
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- I've added another artist to my "portfolio." This one was a landscape designer, who decided to stop creating landscapes and started painting them, instead. Go visit to see his work.

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Here's a list of some interesting products, some of which will make me a few bucks if you need them and buy them here:

- Camp at Half of What Everyone Else is Paying!  No home park, no monthly maintenance fees, no long-term obligation, just pay the small annual fee and camp for half-price. Check it out here.

- 50+ ways to get to the internet when you're on the road! Read'm at Internet On The Road.

- Amazon Books : Buy from Amazon through this link and I get a couple of bucks  -- Click here to check them out.

- Earn Money While You Camp! Join WiFiRV as an affiliate, either a lead generator (tell us about campgrounds that need WiFi) or a sales representative (assist in the selling of WiFi systems). Go to my Internet On The Road (IOTR) / WiFiRV page to learn how you can earn up to $500 for a few hours work.

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Phew! Tough month. Joyce was the chairperson for the Heritage Isle Art Show in Viera and spent most of the last month "coordinating." Winning the third place ribbon at the show made it all worthwhile, though! Visit her website to see the winning "Cowboy" and links to other winners.

We try to update whenever we can. If you see anything on the site that you'd be interested in buying, email Joyce for info on size, price, etc. Some have that info included and some don't. Also, if you have a topic, pet, or whatever that you'd like an original painting of, just let her know.

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My WiFi business is going great! On all those September/October trips mentioned above, I managed to visit about a half-dozen parks to talk to them about the glories of wireless internet and the great prices being offered by WiFiRV. I don't know yet how many of those are going to take advantage of the opportunity, but am hopeful about several of them.

Autumn is pretty much the busiest time for WiFi providers in the South. Many campgrounds know they need the amenity, but wait until the last minute (just before the snowbirds return) before taking any action. Consequently, our engineers get really busy this time of year, trying to complete as many installations as possible before the onslaught of "Yankee" visitors.

Not WiFi-related, but interesting. I was at a resort in North Carolina and asked if they got a lot of snowbirds. The manager said, no, but they get a bunch of half-backs. Do you know what a half-back is? It's someone that travels from up North to Florida, then decides it's a little too hot, humid, or expensive, so returns halfway back - thus the half-back. Seems North Carolina gets quite a few of these "half-backs."

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After I finished writing in my blog about time travel, I got to thinking about this new TV series Journeyman. Here we have a guy that gets unexpectedly thrown back into the past (like Quantum Leap), actually gets to see his old self when he visits his own past (like Back to the Future), and can change history (like Timecop). The only thing we haven't seen yet is him getting a note back in the 1960s from himself in 2007, like in Back to the Future, Heroes, and Star Trek. I bet we'll see that in some future episode, if the series doesn't die. Despite all that, I still watch it - there's little else except those silly reality shows. I apologize to those of you who actually still watch Survivor or are enthralled with Biggest Loser. I've managed to stay clear of all those - except American Idol. We haven't missed one of those yet ... hahaha.

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