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Retirement Tips and RV Stuff Newsletter
Issue 2010.02         Feb 2010
Publisher, Bob Hoffman -
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I had this all written and was finishing up the RAMBLINGS below, when I realized that I'd forgotten my customary "closing out" that I've done every year since 2005. There is a lot I could say about my views on the economy, stimulus packages, health care reforms, and Obama in general, but I'm sure you all have your own views and really don't need to hear mine :)  So, I'll continue with what I had in mind when I created this newsletter. Happy 2010!


Years ago, I read some advice that suggested that we go around and take photos of everything in our house in case of fire. The idea was that you'd be able to provide a written inventory for your insurance people much more easily if you had the photos. Good idea!

Back in 1984, when we got our first RV and went travelling for 5 months in the Allegro, I drew a graphic of the RV on my trusty Mac Plus using Hypercard (anyone remember that jewel?). I drew each compartment and numbered them. I then built a spreadsheet with a list of the contents of each compartment. All I had to do to find something was to do a quick search for it in the spreadsheet, where I'd get the compartment number, and I'd know immediately where to find it. Several times, that saved me having to search a bunch of compartments to find what I wanted.

Now it's 2010 and technology has advanced to a point that we can put photos on webpages, so that's what I did. I took photos of all of my compartments (35 of them) and put them on a floor plan of our RV (click here to see it). Click on any of those small photos and you'll see a large one. Now, when I wonder if something is there, I simply search the webpage instead of searching the RV. Smart, eh?

I'm not sure of the value of these photos for insurance in case of fire. Looking them over, I don't really think there's enough there of value to merit spending much time listing for payment. Maybe if I started listing with prices, I'd find that there's more there than meets the eye.

One thing I just figured out is that I missed a couple of compartments that I need to go back and photograph.

Now a little sort of travel-related,
but not RV-related item. Have you
seen the video of the GM Hy Wire
Hydrogen-powered future car? If
not, take a look! It's really got
some innovative ideas. Of course,
it's estimated to be about 10 years
away, so some of us oldies might not
live to see it. One never knows, I
guess ...

Recent Travel: Another fishing trip, this time to Sebastian Inlet for about 3 days. Lots of wind, a little rain, a bit cold now and then, but we caught a few nice fish and had a great time.

Upcoming Travel: Hoping to return to Mentone in early March to check out that cabin one more time.

Read on for notes on my latest site updates, some words about how I'd make some money if you guys would buy something off the website, Art News, and wrapping up with my RAMBLINGS.

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- , the sequel to that I mentioned last month. The first story built the UIM covering the Earth in 4 chapters and this new one continues after that special event on December 21, 2012. It tells of the adventures of those few that remained on Earth after the event and is progressing through the year 2013. Not quite sure where it's going, as I'm writing and creating in "real-time" (e.g., yesterday, February 8th, I wrote the journal entries for February 8, 2013; on the 15th, I'll relate what's happening on 2/15/2013, etc.). Feel free to follow along and maybe you'll feel that you're living it. It's all FREE ONLINE.

- Various tweaks and updates through various websites.
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- : New website I established for a community in Ft. Lauderdale.

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I'm deleting this section in favor of the left margin info. Click anything there and I might make a few bucks.

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Joyce is working very hard to get ready for the 15th Annual ARTrageous ART SHOW - SPLASH of Watercolor 2010. See details on

If you see anything on the website that you'd be interested in buying, email Joyce for info on size, price, etc. Also, if you have a topic, pet, or whatever that you'd like an original painting of, just let her know. She's doing mostly portraits now and can work from a photograph.

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Well, I don't know about you, but I'm a big Jay Leno and Dave Letterman fan. I missed the advertisement during Superbowl, but caught it on Youtube. I thought it was worth including here, just in case you missed it. Did I mention that it includes Oprah also?


Speaking of Superbowl, I hope you caught the game. I'm not a big sports fan, but I turned it on just in case it turned out to be a good game. It certainly was! Full of surprises, close plays, and decent half-time entertainment.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I forgot ... I was about to put in one more plug for my new online SciFi story, when I remembered something else I wanted to say about it. A while back, my cousin Bruce Smith introduced me to Sitemeter, a free website link that provides neat and concise data on who's visiting your website. I put one of these on some of the pages on those SciFi story sites and have been amazed at the visitors I'm getting. I couldn't believe viewers from faraway spots like Singapore, Kuwait, Ukraine, and Qatar (where's that?). I've had visitors from 27 states and 25 foreign countries/provinces. Go to and scroll to the bottom to see the list, as well as the link to Sitemeter if you want to see who's visited recently. While you're there, read the story!

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