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Retirement Tips and RV Stuff Newsletter
Issue 2013.07         Jul 2013
Publisher, Bob Hoffman -
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I can't believe it's been a year since my last newsletter. I'm currently (in my retirement :) maintaining over 60 websites, plus assisting Joyce in running the Art Gallery @ Mentone, so haven't had much spare time to put on newsletters.

Beside the fact that I've not done one for a year, the main reason for this one is to let you all know about some nice updates I've done recently in the Invest! sections and in retirement information in general. Go to the home page and you'll see a link to Social Security Tips and SSA Benefits Calculator (tells you how much you'll get when you retire). Also, you should check out the Lifespan Calculator from Northwestern Mutual. It tells you how long you need to plan for your retirement, based upon your answers to 13 questions.

I've also reviewed all of the information in the Invest! section to make sure it's still valid. Even though I originally wrote it back in 2000, most of it is still of value if you're new to investing, playing the stock market, etc. There are also some good links to various retirement planners telling you how much you'll need to retire ... even a couple for Canadians and UK viewers.

So, that's the most of what I had to say right now. Read on for notes on my Latest Site Updates, Art News, and wrapping up with my RAMBLINGS.

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- If you're interested in what I've been doing on websites, check out the list of all of them at Since moving to Mentone, the website business has grown significantly. I'm still doing them at really cheap rates, however, so if you're needing a website ... email me!

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- Sorry for the repeat, but I'm once again going with, everything that you always wanted to know about Mentone, Alabama, but were afraid to ask. Includes a Business Directory of all downtown businesses with an interactive map, some beautiful photos of the area, a page of over 80+ links to websites related to Mentone, plus a link back to where you'll find information on all of the six Mentones in the world. Also, the News & Events page provides the most current resource for local news and events, including a pet page for lost and found pets, photos, videos, and links to other websites that list events of interest to specific groups (e.g., art, Desoto State Park, and other areas of DeKalb County).

I'm continuously updating the site and have just recently published 7000 paper Mentone maps, showing the same view as the Business Directory on the website plus some nice photos of area attractions, businesses, etc. On the back of the map, I've included advertisements for many of the businesses, plus all of their phone numbers. The maps are available at every business in downtown Mentone, so most visitors leave with one in their hand. I can't imagine there'd be many requests, but if you'd like to have one, email me and I'll snail-mail you a copy.

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As with the last newsletter, the big deal right now is Julyfest. It was supposed to be July 6-7, but got rained out so is coming up this weekend July 27-28. Bunches of arts & crafts, plus entertainment, food, and activities galore. Check out JulyFest 2013 Events. And don't forget to come by ArtGallery @ Mentone if you're in town. Joyce has gotten more into abstracts recently, in addition to her mostly animals watercolors. We're also adding on a room to the gallery, so will have more show area and will be able to accept a few more artists. We currently have the creations of 10 artisans in addition to Joyce, so have the walls fairly well covered. Y'all Come See Us!

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In this section, I usually whine and complain about something that's bugging me. This time, it's all positive stuff. As you may or may not recall, Joyce and I moved permanently to Mentone, Alabama from Rockledge, Florida in April 2012. Since then, we've been "doing our thing" in Mentone, which for Joyce means art and the art gallery and for me means internet-related stuff. We're both still sort of retired, since we really have no set schedule and can work when/if we want to (more or less). I get several requests each day for website updates, most of which are minor (30 minutes or less) and a few more significant. Still enjoying doing the websites, however, so no complaints there. Joyce will have a new work area when we get the gallery addition finished, so she'll be much happier then.

We've met a great group of friends in Mentone, many due to our contacts with the businesses around town and some just chance meetings. We've actually had a few parties are our cabin/gallery/home, which never happened in Florida. We even get invited out now and then, also which seldom happened in Florida.

All in all, Joyce and I are very content with how our retirement is going. She recently said that if the new addition gets finished and we get a million dollars, everything would be perfect. I think she'll see the new room soon, but wouldn't suggest holding her breath on the million. She is, however, returning all of those Publisher's Clearing House letters, so who knows?

And that's probably the most positive RAMBLINGS you've gotten from me since my first newsletter in January 2003.

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PS - Check that left-hand column as you scroll back to the top of the page. You might find something you need :)

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