Travel Log Summary
My Travel Log describes the travelling that my wife, Joyce, and I did from 1999 to 2013. Much of it was me alone, since Joyce really didn't enjoy Rving that much. Below is a summary of what you'll find in the log.

Chapters 1-14 :
In 1999, just after my final retirement, I decided that it was time to finally visit Quartzite, Arizona, that I'd hear so much about. Over 100,000 Rvers gathering in Quartzite every winter and camp on Bureau of Land Management properties for very low rates. Shown here are the shows that are what really draws the Rvers in – "The Quartzite Shows" courtesy of promoters Mal Mallory & Kenny King and alot of other folks. Click photo for details.
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Chapter 7 :
On December 30, 1999 -- I decided to come out of the desert to find a small, simple way to celebrate the end of the year, century, and millenium. I couldn't make it to Times Square, so ended up under the MGM Grand count-down clock with about 300,000 friends in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard! Great way to spend Y2K New  Years Eve!
Chapter 18-23 :
Starting in Chapter 15, I describe my “adventures” on the return trip from Quartzite to Florida. Most interesting was
Big Bend National Park talked about in Chapters 18 through 23. Shown here - "Boquillas Crossing - Bienvenidos" – the little town of Boquillas, Mexico, that was accessible from BBNP in 2000, but got closed after 9/11/2001.
Chapters 24-35 :
Throughout 2000, much of my time was spent just wandering around Florida and southeast USA. Shown here, catching some big fish at Jupiter Inlet.
Chapter 36 :
In September, Joyce and I took a 15-day tour of Europe called Italy Plus. We were in Italy on 9/11/2001 when the towers were taken down.
Chapter 37-86 :
Lots of photos of us exploring southeastern USA I 2002 through 2008. Shown is our last RV, new 2003 Damon Challenger at a neat little campsite in Mount Dora, Florida.
Chapter 87-90 :
In Chapter 87, we “discover” Mentone, Alabama in 2009. Bought a little 1927-built cabin there in 2010, opened a part-time art gallery and part-time rental then. Sold house in Rockledge, Florida and moved to Mentone 2012. Shown here is our RV in the back yard, just after a little snow storm. Lived there and ran art gallery until 2015, when we decided to buy a condo in South Florida.
Chapter 91 :
July 2013 – my last RV trip with  two guys from Mentone. Had a great time and a great finish to our almost 30 years of Rving. Not saying for sure that I'm done, but probably am, since I'm turning 80 in a couple of weeks.