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Well, this is just what it says it is -- several pages that I created for various reasons that just didn't fit anywhere. Click one of the pictures below or use the menus on the left (under Miscellaneous).
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Buyer Beware!

This is my whining about restocking fees and why you want to avoid them.
Click a Picture
Click to meet an old friend
Click for some great ID Protection Tips
Click for a Great Deal on Websites!
Click to see the Warning
Click to meet our animal companions
Click to check out a great retirement home!
Yahoo! Photos FREE!!

Worth checking out if you want to get a great deal on photo development and online display.
Our Dogs

Hmm, does this need explaining?
Lake House for Sale

Here's the house you need!
In Memory ...

Makes me sniffle every time I read it.
How to Protect ...

Points to some great info on this topic.
Get Your Own Website

Takes you to my "commercial" site, where I tell you how much I'll do for a really small amount.